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Name:Hello Tiger! An Urusei Yatsura Fan Community
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Community description:An Urusei Yatsura Fan Community
Welcome to Hello Tiger, a fan community that's all about Rumiko Takahashi's classic anime and manga series Urusei Yatsura. We welcome anything Urusei Yatsura related: fan art, fan fiction, fan music videos, fan discussions, flame wars over Lum's hair colour... We only have a few rules here to keep things civilised:

1. We'd like all our members to write in legible English. Typos and people who speak English as a second language are fine, txt-style speak or l33t isn't.

2. If you're posting some R/NC-17 content, please put it under a cut with proper warnings.

3. Please do not do nothing but bash characters or pairings. Other people's favourite characters and pairings may be discussed in a civilised manner.

4. Treat your fellow community members with respect. Flame wars and trolling aren't tolerated here.

(If you're wondering about the name, it's from the title of a song by the Scottish rock band... Urusei Yatsura.)

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anime, ataru moroboshi, bad luck, benten, cherry, fan art, fan fiction, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, lum invader, mamoru oshii, manga, one stripe two stripe three stripe, oyuki, ran, rei, rumiko takahashi, ryuunosuke fujinami, shinobu miyake, shutarou mendou, space aliens, stormtroopers, such is fate, urusei yatsura, yaoi, yuri
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